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JSC Deforta is a young, energetic, promising, dynamic, ambitious company, operating not only in Lithuania but also in Latvia and Estonia. Since its establishment, the company’s main task and focus has been cooperation with clients and development of good relations.

Understanding and support, efficiency and effectiveness, impeccable quality of work, respect, and prompt and careful execution of agreements make our company a reliable partner. We work with most of the major Lithuanian wood processing companies and private individuals.

The company has a small staff but they have an extensive experience. Every staff member is a specialist of their field. Continuous qualification improvement and knowledge development in various courses and trainings allow us to perform our work objectively and accurately.



    Chief Structural Engineer Eugenijus Daugilis
    The team of JSC Deforta is composed of specialists of their field. During the negotiation stage, we didn’t really believe that they would be able to handle such a difficult task in such a short time, but the men of Deforta, JSC kept their promise and we were satisfied with the service they provided – they removed the stumps of 60 poplar trees in two days.

    Director Vidas Klepšys
    We are among the first clients to have tried the new stump removal technology. We were very surprised by the result: the work was smooth and fast, and we saved not only our time but also money. 215 poplar stumps, which are particularly difficult to remove, were removed in five days. Almost all of the stumps were 1.5 m in diameter, and the largest one was as large as 1.7 m, which was very successfully overcome with several drilling operations. We are grateful to this company for the professional service it has provided.